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Our Story

LOGISTEED Australia Pty. Ltd., headquartered in Melbourne has footprints in 2 Australian major cities (Melbourne and Sydney) and our network coverage including NSW, QLD, WA, SA and VIC gives us a high competitive advantage that enables our customer to reduce their overall costs.

We are utilising our Group’s expertise, global network, know-how to provide excellent service to multiple Australian customers since we start service here.

From anywhere and to anywhere around the world, we move goods seamlessly and efficiently, with our expertise in high-quality logistics services. Our Group’s united strength lies in our ability to deliver comprehensive global solutions, through the integration of our 3PL/contract logistics, heavy machinery haulage, and forwarding capabilities.

We aim for LOGISTEED

We will exceed the domain of smart logistics, and we have started our new business concept “LOGISTEED” which reflects the Group’s commitment toward our brand slogan “Taking on the Future”.

LOGISTEED is a word that combines LOGISTICS with Exceed, Proceed, Succeed and Speed, and represents our determination to lead businesses to a new domain beyond the conventional domain of logistics. Amid various technological breakthroughs and an increasing diversification of services, procedures, and values in society, LOGISTEED will attempt to expand our collaborative efforts across businesses and industries to achieve new innovations.

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For More Information

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