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Comprehensive Global Solutions

Making full use of our Group’s expertise and global network, we act as a one-stop service provider. We can arrange the optimal mode of transportation, and support you with any other related needs.

We provide outstanding solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are committed to being recognised as industry leaders in international supply chain management service through:

  1. Sensitive and Critical Time Freight Management
  2. Alternative Air Freight Service Options with Major Carriers
  3. Dedicated Global Customer Service Team
  4. Competitive Price Tiers


Cargo Trace System
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Our Strengths in Forwarding


One Stop Service for Your Comprehensive Needs

Thanks to our global network, we can provide safe and reliable transportation services between any regions. Our strength lies in our ability to integrate freight forwarding with contract logistics and/or heavy haulage at the cargo's origin or destination area(s). Compared to managing each function with separate providers on your own, it allows for a more stable logistics quality and reduces the complexity of your management or administrative processing tasks.


Value Added Services

We meet a wide range of needs related to domestic transportation, packaging, processing, and so on, and also provide first-class forwarding services on a world-wide scale. Moreover, we can constantly deliver an unmatched level of service value to you through integrating our expertise and capabilities that are proven by our track record in the areas of contract logistics, heavy machinery transportation, and equipment installation.


Best Forwarding Solution for Every Freight

We take into account the delivery time-frame, budget range, regional characteristics, and the nature of the cargo. Then, selecting the best form of transportation from air, ship, rail, etc., we create an optimal transportation plan to meet your needs.

Overview of Our Forwarding

Taking advantage of our Group’s integrated capabilities, we offer a wide variety of forwarding services all over the world. Furthermore, you can track the transportation status of your cargo online, around the clock.

Through close cooperation with our local subsidiaries and partner companies, we provide service of the highest quality.

The LOGISTEED Group has a vast domestic and global network. Outside of Japan, we have over 70 companies in our group, with facilities in about 400 locations.

Through safety education, which is fundamental to everything we do, and by ensuring we have the latest information on customs clearance practices, laws and regulations, transportation conditions, and so on, we constantly increase the knowledge and skill-levels of our staff, in each and every region. (Our local subsidiaries are able to provide service in the Japanese language if preferable.)

In areas that are not covered by our Group companies, we engage our trusted partners to provide a safe and reliable service just like elsewhere through close cooperation.

No matter the location, we always seek to deliver service of the highest quality.

Having established a security management and compliance system, we are currently going ahead with AEO/C-TPAT certification.

Both the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) program of the United States and the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) programs of each country/region, promote increased security management and compliance standards of cargo in foreign trade.

The LOGISTEED Group is committed to providing safe, high-quality transportation services on a global scale. To that end, we have been pushing ahead with acquiring these certifications. To date, one of our group companies in the United States is certified with C-TPAT, and we have AEO-certified entities in Japan, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Thailand.


We can provide a variety of support, related to international freight shipping.

Forwarding does not mean simply transporting items from A to B. In addition to complications that may arise from a variety of administrative procedures, management tasks, office work, and so on, it is essential to undertake appropriate packing for the safe transportation and regulatory compliance of the cargo.

There is a wide variety of challenges that may arise from moving your cargos internationally, and how to handle them may also vary widely.

The LOGISTEED Group is able to take care of all your needs, be it product calibration inspections, labelling, or various distribution processing needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

For More Information

To find out more about our systems and solutions, contact us via the link below.