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Pioneering Expertise in 3PL

In 2011, as an extension of LOGISTEED group, LOGISTEED Australia Pty. Ltd. landed in Australia.

We have been offering excellent logistics services to all our clients at different sizes and scales. Since all businesses might have very different needs, we design and optimise the operation for each client to meet their specific requirements from B2B to B2C. We undertake comprehensive logistics outsourcing at any segment of your supply chain, from procurement, production, sales and distribution, to after service, enabling a higher standard of service and lean logistics operations.

We can also construct international 3PL models to support your business expansion, by combining our freight forwarding functions with our logistics bases and transportation networks on the ground in each market.

Services Menu

  1. In-house Transport Management
  2. Pack and Unpack
  3. Warehouse Management
  4. Pick and Pack
  5. Distribution Nationwide
  6. Containerised and Bulk Trucking
  7. E-commerce Logistics

Our Strengths in 3PL Management


Proven Track Record of Optimisation

We approach each case, starting with interviews and a variety of custom analysis to understand your current circumstances. We provide the most fitting solutions for your individual challenge, based on findings from our comprehensive analysis, coupled with our unique expertise proven by our achievements as a leading 3PL operator.


Global Operational Coverage

We support global supply chains with our logistics infrastructure and footprint spreading not only in Japan but around the world. We can also run international 3PL operations reliably, with imports and exports seamlessly incorporated. Our operations staff with abundant hands-on experience, together with our experts knowledgeable of your business and your industry, secure smooth start-ups and propose continuous improvement, regardless of where you operate.


IT and Other Technical Expertise

We have a team of experts, specializing in packaging technology and logistics improvement. We leverage our advanced technical capabilities and expertise, to design WMS (warehouse management system) that matches your needs, as well as to establish optimal warehouse operations.

For More Information

To find out more about our systems and solutions, contact us via the link below.